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Product Description

The best design and engineering

Protect your Display

Keep your espresso Display safe and pristine with our Flip Case. Great for when you are travelling or storing your espresso Display in a bag.

Choose your angle

Integrated hinges let you choose the mounting angle that works best for you.

Magnetic mounting

Embedded magnets mean you can attach and remove your Flip Case safely with a quick snap and go.

An espresso Display is perfect for:

Working "from home"

Set up in coffee shops, at hot-desking venues and communal offices, on your kitchen table... Work at full capacity anywhere.

Design work

Our super high quality touch screen monitors are ideal for design and technical work. Pair with our Active Stylus for optimum precision.


Say goodbye to needing to be in one particular office to get your work done. Take your espresso Display on any journey, to any location.


Our Displays aren't just about work... Pair with your gaming device for a high quality gaming experience wherever you are.

  • YOUR WORKSPACE, ANYWHERE: Imagine the productivity of a full office set up, but in lightweight, portable form. That’s what espresso Displays are all about – bringing you super thin, portable monitors, which easily connect to your laptop, smartphone, or gaming device, as well as all the best accessories, to make operating at full capacity, anywhere, a breeze
  • THE BEST PROTECTION: If you’re taking your espresso Display everywhere you go, you want to give it the best protection from all that life can throw at you. Our Flip Case is ideal for ensuring you’re extra protected
  • ELEGANT DESIGN: The slim design of our Flip Case matches the super sleek elegance of our espresso Display. Keep your Display safe without ruining its look or convenience
  • HIGHLY FUNCTIONAL: Our magnetic technology means that your Flip Case attaches to your espresso Display with no clips or straps – just firm, integrated magnets. The hinges allow you to fold the Display down to the angle that is right for you
  • PERFECTLY COMPATIBLE: Specifically designed for use with espresso Display 13