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espresso Displays | Active Stylus For espresso Display 13 or 15 | Design Precision For Drawing Programs | Compatible With Most Touch Screen Devices | Draw, Sign, Mark Up, Edit | For Remote Design And Technical Work

  • YOUR WORKSPACE, ANYWHERE: Imagine the productivity of a full office set up, but in lightweight, portable form. That’s what espresso Displays are all about – bringing you super thin, portable monitors, which easily connect to your laptop, smartphone, or gaming device, as well as all the best accessories, to make operating at full capacity, anywhere, a breeze
  • ABSOLUTE PRECISION: Our Active Stylus is specifically designed to enable you to do professional level design and technical work on your espresso Display. If you’re using drawing programs, the Active Stylus is the perfect accessory to enable optimum precision
  • GET SCRIBBLING: Whether you want to draw, write by hand, edit an image, mark up a document, or just sign something, the Active Stylus lets you do all of it. Goodbye printing and scanning!
  • EASY CHARGING: You’ll get around 12 hours of signing and drawing time per charge, and the charging cable is included
  • PERFECTLY COMPATIBLE: The Active Stylus is perfectly tailored to work with either the Display 13 or Display 15, but also works with most phones, laptops, and other touch screen devices