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Backpack For espresso Display + (15") Laptop + MountGo + Lunch | Carry Your Portable Monitor Safely |

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The espresso Backpack is perfect for traveling around with your laptop (up to 15 inches), espresso Display, all the accessories, and whatever else you need to do your work anywhere.

YOUR WORKSPACE, ANYWHERE: Imagine the productivity of a full office set up, but in a lightweight, portable form. That’s what espresso Displays are all about – bringing you super-thin, portable monitors, which easily connect to your laptop, smartphone, or gaming device, as well as all the best accessories, to make operating at full capacity, anywhere, a breeze.

ALL YOU NEED, TOGETHER: The espresso Backpack fits your laptop (up to 15 inches), espresso Display, MountGo, Stylus, lunch, and whatever else you need to do your work anywhere.

CHARGE ON THE GO: A USB Type-C port on the side of the bag gives you access to your portable charger inside the bag, so you can charge your phone while wearing your Backpack.

GREAT FOR TRAVEL: A front pocket, side pocket, and that all-important luggage suitcase strap make the espresso Backpack a great travel companion.

KEEP THINGS SEPARATE: Two large pockets mean you can keep your devices separate from your lunch.

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Charging Port, Separated Pockets, Padding, Luggage Strap | For Remote Work, Travel, Design, WORKSPACE Anywhere | Black, PU Leather


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Dimensions 300 × 400 × 130 cm


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