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Our Story

Our Story

Hello All!

Espresso Displays creates the highest quality portable monitors for the mobile worker. Freelancers, Digital Nomads, Entrepreneurs or people who work on-the-go, we have designed this for you!

We wanted to share our story, through the prototypes that have got us here! These has helped us refine our final product both in design and manufacturing certainty, which you will love when we launch!

Prototype #1 - The 'L-Bracket'
Business Stage: Just for Fun
Time: April 2018

After Will and Scott having our first discussion on how useful a portable monitor would be with a laptop. The next day Will 3D printed this simple L-Bracket for his Surface Pro. Behind the screen is a strap that is holds the screen up by Velcro and the other monitor used was another Surface Pro tablet!

Seeing this come to life was the catalyst to look into this more! At this stage we had no immediate plans to start a business.

First Prototype: The L Bracket


Prototype #2: The 'Slide Frame'
Business Stage: Exploring the Concept and Viability
Time: June 2018

The next prototype was a housing with a REAL portable monitor. We had started created this to build upon the initial L-Frame, to suit some stock monitors we had bought.

We started testing different portable monitors itself, doing some pitching competitions to help refine this idea and what we wanted it to do.


Prototype #3: Refining the Housing, The 'X Frame'
Business Stage: Very Early
Time: August 2018 - September 2018

These revisions were born when we starting getting more serious about this project. Rather than the previous housing, we designed the 'X-Frame' which could connect 1 or even 2 screens. It was during this time that Matt joined the team, bringing his extensive experience and success with previous ventures.


Prototype #4: A Screen! Not just a Housing! China Trip
Business Stage: Early
Time: November 2018 - January 2019

In November 2018, we went to Shenzhen, China. This was to connect with our suppliers, do some rapid prototyping and get amongst the hardware ecosystem. We changed from a housing attachments to design screens and attachments from scratch. We broadened our scope and set ourselves a bigger goal.

Prototype #5 (Final): Ultra-Thin, Premium Monitor
Business Stage: Pre-Launch
Time: January 2019 - March 2019

This is our final prototype, which works and feels like we dreamed of months ago. It is Ultra-thin, incredibly light with amazing quality resolution. This picture is on our dining table turned office desk.

Where to Next?
Now that we have our final prototype, we are doing an early design-for-manufacture run of 30-50 units to have clarity of manufacturing, extensively test life-cycle and quality, and be able to forecast accurate timelines once we launch.

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