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Espresso - Issue #01

Espresso - Issue #01

The upload of all things productivity, tech and hacks to work better.

For The Office: 
Multi-Tasking is the biggest productivity lie! It makes you feel productive and can make you take up to 40% longer to complete your work. Find out more here.

These 'smart headphones' track your concentration using EEG sensors in the headband, tracking your best times to work and gives reminders if you become distracted.


Ever wondered why indoor plants have become popular at the office? They increase productivity, creativity, employee happiness whilst reducing stress, sickness and absentees!

Is what you do, become who you are? This podcast discusses habits and how to curate your surroundings to achieve whatever you want.


How does sleep affect how we work, engage and live? Arianna Huffington explores this with her new book, ThriveThrive Book

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