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World's Thinnest USB Powered Display

Designed in Sydney. Made in Shenzhen.

Thinnest USB Powered Monitor

Less than 5mm Thickness

Espresso Displays are ultra-thin touchscreen portable monitors for your Macbook. Providing additional screen real estate to boost your productivity on the go.

Premium Build Quality

Aeronautical-grade aluminium generates a sleek, smooth design that you want to be seen next to your Macbook. No cheap plastics in sight.

Compatible with All Devices

Available in both 13.3 & 15.6 Inch sizes. Espresso Displays are compatible with all your favourite gaming consoles, Raspberry Pi and mobile phones.

Patented Designs

The uniquely designed and patented Mount Go and Mount PRO stands use magnetic attachments to setup your screen in seconds.

Next Level Gaming on Portable External Monitors

Next Level Gaming

Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox and any HDMI enabled device can be connected to Espresso Displays.

Tech Specs

13.3 & 15.6 Inch Screens


5mm Thickness*

1080p Resolution

Sleek Ultra-Flat Screen

Breakthrough Technology

Powerful inbuilt electronics are redefining productivity and portability. Enabling you to be just as productive in and out of the office.

Breakthrough Patented Technology in every Espresso Display ED

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Espresso Displays External Screens - Taken Anywhere with you