The Thinnest Portable Monitor

Do your best work, anywhere.


Saving you 2.5 hours each day, 17.5 hours each week, and 910 hours each year.

Having 2 displays makes you more productive.

Super Thin Touch Screen Monitor

5.4mm thick and made with Aeronautical Grade Aluminium

Pair with your Laptop, Phone, or Gaming Device

For Remote Work, Travel, Design, Gaming
Set Up Anywhere

For 13.3″ Displays

For 15.6″ Displays

Adjustable Magnetic Aluminium

Versatile Landscape Portrait Durable Robust Stand Holder

Desktop Hinge Friction Dock

Versatile positioning of your Display in any orientation.
It folds flat to allow for ease of packing and bringing with you on the go.

Turns your laptop or phone into a portable workspace.

According to a Microsoft Study, multiple monitors can increase productivity by 50%